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Are You What You Drive?

I came across some interesting findings from a survey which tried to gauge people’s personalities from the brand of cars they drove. The survey concluded that if you drove an Audi, you are most likely a Millennial who lived in a coastal city, and worked in consulting or advertising. If you drove a Ford, you consider yourself afriendly person, you worked in building or construction, and there is a good chance you owned a dog, and so on.

While the survey results were general enough to suit most people, what got me thinking was the kind of car I drove, and the associated impression I create on people, not just with my choice of vehicle, but with how I have maintained it over the years. With The Car Spa Tinley Park just around the corner from where I live, it has been easy for me to keep all my vehicles sparkling clean and running smooth all the time. No dirty cars in my family!

When it comes to Car Wash services, The Car Spa Tinley Park is the best in the neighborhood. Not only do they have 3 different levels of premium valet car wash services:

  1. The Express Spa Valet Wash

  2. The Full Spa Valet Wash

  3. The Super Spa Valet Wash,

but every one of them comes with a weather protection/rewash guarantee. What that means for me is that I do not have to worry about the rain or the muddy roads before a car wash, and I get to make an excellent first impression, whether rain or shine, wherever I arrive!

Speaking of car washes, my son loves to make a memorable impression with his new car covered with the stickers of his favorite football team, and the only reason they have remained on his car for so long is because of the gentle “wash-by-hand” service from The Car Spa Tinley Park!

My car’s gleaming coat of paint unmarred by the harsh weather, dust, ultraviolet rays and bird droppings is another gift from my favorite Detail Center - The Car Spa Tinley Park. Their Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash service includes light duty bug, light tar and microbial particle removal, power wash, the cleaning of wheel wells and the dressing of the tires. The Complete Exterior Polish, Buff, Wax and Wash services effectively remove the oxidation marks and light swirl scratches. The service even comes with a paint and clearcoat brightener for extra protection.

But what’s the point of having a glossy car if the internal systems are in trouble? That is why I get the Express Oil Change at The Car Spa Tinley Park with the Valvoline brand engine oils right on time! Not only does this quick service come with a free Express Spa Wash, but the expert mechanics also do a maintenance check on my vehicle as part of the package.

This way I can catch any mechanical problems before they get bigger, and take advantage of the excellent Automotive Services at The Car Spa Tinley Park to correct them immediately! The Car Spa’s spacious premises at 9401 West 171st Street Tinley Park is where I go for my car’s Fuel System Cleaning, Transmission Service and the Antifreeze/Coolant System Service regularly.

Why don’t you check out the best Car Wash & Detail Center in Tinley Park by yourself? Call 708-873-9810 now for directions, or visit for more information.

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