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Best Value Services from your neighborhood Car Wash & Detail Center

If you had to pick the services that have been the most useful to you from a Car Wash and Detail Center, what would they be? If you ask me, I have my answer ready - I would pick the services from my favorite neighborhood car wash & detail center - The Car Spa Tinley Park’s offerings.

Let me tell you why they are my favorites:

1. Mini Detail Service

How many times have you come back from a long muddy road trip, and have had to turn right around and leave for your office? You wouldn't want your colleagues, and more importantly, your boss to see you alight from a dirty car, would you? The Car Spa offers a quick detailing service complete with:

  • Compressed Air Blowout

  • Customized Interior Cleaning and

  • Super Spa Valet Wash

all under an estimated service time of 2 hours or less, for under $70! This is definitely a “Best Value” service from The Car Spa Tinley Park, and is a godsend when time is a constraint. You can call 708-873-9810 to make an appointment, or simply visit for their attractive offers and coupons.

2. Complete Interior Cleaning & Blowout

This is another of those invaluable services performed by the well trained valets at The Car Spa - ask anyone who has small kids in the family like I do! There is no dearth of gum, corn kernels, and fine cookie dust on my seats and the in-between gaps at any given time, and the soda/sauce stains on my leather seats will bring tears to your eyes.

The complete interior cleaning and blowout service from The Car Spa Tinley Park featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, hand washing of the interior surfaces, and cleaning & conditioning of my leather seats has been very useful and cost-effective for my family! The crew also cleans the glass windows, mirrors and chrome surfaces very carefully too. If you’d like to know more about this stellar and affordable service, take a look at today!

3. Express Oil Change

Following the right oil-change schedule is very important to keep our vehicles running smoothly. We all know that can save a tonne of money in fuel costs alone and add years to our vehicles’ lives. The Car Spa Tinley Park makes following the right oil-change schedule easy for me.

The Express Oil Change service at The Car Spa uses Valvoline Professional Series engine oils, the most trusted brand there is. The different types are listed here for your benefit. This service also comes with a free Express Spa Wash, which is a $12 value in itself. Add to that the complimentary multi-point maintenance check, and you can understand why I am a fan of the Car Spa’s Express Oil-Change service!

4. Automotive Services

Once I get the maintenance check done, The Car Spa Tinley Park’s automotive center is always ready to take care of all my vehicle’s systems then and there. Whether it is the Fuel, Oil or Coolant systems, or Transmission and Differential services, I can always rely on the efficient crew to perform the services with the utmost care and precision. You can find all the maintenance needs for your vehicle right here:

If you are in the Tinley Park neighborhood, stop at The Car Spa Tinley Park for your next car-care activity and see why their services are the best in the area. Or call 708-873-9810 now for more information on their current deals and offers!

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