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Easy and Simple Ways to Take Care of your Car

You must really love your car, don’t you? The freedom to travel and the sense of control and power you can get out of your own beautiful well oiled machine on 4 wheels is definitely heady, isn’t it? But the key, of course, is that your car performs at its maximum capacity. And that would be possible only if it has been taken care of well. Let me put down a few essential maintenance checks for you, and shall we see how many boxes you can tick off successfully?

The first and foremost is to look, really look, at your car properly at least once a week. Walk around it. See if there are streaks of dirt anywhere. Scratches from the last place you took it to. Do the tyres look alright? Inspect the outside and take it to a good car wash if you see signs of dust anywhere at all. If you are in the Tinley Park area, you are in luck! The Car Spa Car Wash and Detail Center is just around the corner and they have premium valet car wash services that will make your job of looking after your car much easier.

Why don’t you give them a call at 708-873-9810 to know more about their complete exterior detail service? For less than $100, it comes with a free Super Spa Car Wash, and that my friend, is totally worth it!

The next thing to do would be to inspect the interior of your precious vehicle. Spilled soda? Broken pieces of chips/nachos? Food stains? May not sound like much, but accumulation of these micro particles could permanently damage your seats and interiors. If you haven’t done so already, this might be a good time to check out The Car Spa’s complete interior detailing service. Shampooing of seats and mats, thorough vacuuming and interior window cleaning are part of this meticulous service and I bet you can’t wait to get back into your fresh smelling clean car. And there is a discount coupon at too!

The best thing to do would be to take advantage of The Car Spa’s Complete Interior and Exterior Detail Service. You can trust the well-trained crew at the Car Spa to do a thorough job of delivering the joy of a new car after they are done cleaning! But if you don’t want to go the whole distance, why not try their Mini Detail services? You can get your vehicle clean and shiny in about an hour and there is their promotional offer to consider too!

But wait. Cleaning your car does not just mean the removal of dirt and dust you can see, right? What about the pathogens and harmful microorganisms that are sure to be hiding in the nooks and crannies? That is exactly why you must enquire about the KleenSafe program from KleenTeem. With a food-safe, non-toxic disinfectant whose effects are pretty long lasting, the KleenSafe program is sure to keep you and your car safe from bacteria and viruses!

Have you ticked all the boxes until now? We’ll be sure to continue the list in our next post. Meanwhile, why don’t you call The Car Spa at Tinley Park @708-873-9810 and check out their other services including their quick and affordable automotive services?

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