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Easy and Simple Ways to Take Care of your Car - 2

We hope you’ve ticked all the three boxes from the last post. Did you? Well, let’s move on to the fourth and one that the vast majority of us neglect. When was the last time you had your engine oil changed? We all know how important it is to have the engine well lubricated, and how much difference it can actually make to engine performance. And yet, most people tend to ignore the oil-change schedule! Don’t be one of those! Drive around to The Car Spa and get their express oil-change service, with the trusted Valvoline brand engine oil, for your car today.

The Car Spa can do an express oil change with the Valvoline engine oil of your choice - the Thrive Conventional, High Mileage/Synthetic Blends or the Full Synthetic/ Eco friendly Full Synthetic varieties.

But wait. The express oil change service comes with a free Express Spa Wash! As well as a complimentary quick maintenance check of your vehicle’s

⦁ Antifreeze / Coolant

⦁ Tire Pressure

⦁ Battery

⦁ Belts

⦁ Exterior Lights

⦁ Air / Cabin Filters

⦁ Transmission Fluid

⦁ Wiper Blades

⦁ Power Steering Fluid

⦁ Brake Fluid

Useful, right?

Speaking of engines, next in line would be checking the Cooling System. You know as well as I do the importance of keeping the cooling system around the engine parts working efficiently. Is your engine having trouble starting? Can you feel it overheating often? Can you smell the antifreeze? All these could be signs that the cooling system needs looking into. It is generally advised that the coolant liquid needs to be replaced every 30,000 miles or so. If you are in doubt, why don’t you call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 and ask about their complete Pre-Service Cleaner of the entire cooling system and replacement of the antifreeze/coolant service? They also install a system conditioner to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components!

Now that we’ve taken care of the interior, let’s do another round of the smaller, but vital parts you need to take care of. Cleaning the windshield and replacing the wipers is essential for your safety, especially in bad weather conditions. Make sure you check your wiper blades every 6 months at least and change them at the first sign of streaking. The Car Spa has them in three styles and will even install them for you.

Don’t forget the lights! Headlights, fog lights and any bulbs that might need changing need to be changed immediately. You don’t want to be caught in the dark without functioning headlights, do you?

Everything said and done, I bet you gave a lot of thought to the colour of your car. And waxing your vehicle every six months after car washing will not just keep it shiny but also help reduce the chance of rust and keep the paint in good condition. Your car is certainly worth it, don’t you think? Do check out the various options at for more details!

Well, follow the car care tips we have recommended in this post and the previous one and you will have a reliable and efficient vehicle performing at its best! You can always drive around to The Car Spa at Tinley Park for the premium valet car-care services which you and your car so richly deserve. Why wait?

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