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Fleet Maintenance Hassles? Call The Car Spa Tinley Park today!

If you are running a transportation fleet with multiple vehicles ranging from cars, vans, and even a few trucks like I do, you would know what Winter can do to your vehicles! It is not even just the general upkeep, but rather the exacting schedules that need to be followed, with the washing, oil-change, and overall maintenance services to keep our fleet up and running well, that take up plenty of our time and effort, not to mention our money. Having The Car Spa Tinley Park around the corner from my business has certainly helped solve a lot of my vehicle-care problems in one go. Want to know how?

One definite advantage for me has been the easy access to the spacious premises and the multitude of services including Premium Spa Valet Car Wash, Interior and Exterior Detailing, Quick Oil-Change, and the wide array of Maintenance Services at their 9401, West 171st Street Tinley Park location.

The Car Spa has three types of car washes that suit me very well. For my cars that are rented for short distances, some of them involving very muddy roads, all I need is The Express Spa Valet Wash that includes high-pressure soap prep and wheel wells spraying, undercarriage treatment, and wheels washed and hand-applied tire shine.

For my moving vans and trucks that travel within the state, the Full Spa Valet Wash is ideal with triple foam exterior surface treatment, and high effort vacuuming of carpets and seats. I try to indulge all my vehicles in my fleet with The Super Spa Valet Wash once in a couple of months at least. The Simoniz Hot Wax Online Surface Treatment makes my vehicles really glow in the sun.

Odors are a big problem in my trucks, especially when they travel long distances with organic cargo. The smell of cigarette smoke and some foods are pretty difficult to remove from my rental cars too. The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Odor Removal and Ozone Treatments, along with the wide variety of car fresheners and perfumes The Car Spa stocks are the key to my always fresh-smelling fleet!

The Car Spa Tinley Park’s detailing services keep all the vehicles in my fleet scratch-free and shiny. The Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash comes with light duty bug, light tar and microbial particle removal, and a power wash. The Complete Exterior Buff, Polish, Wax and Wash service can remove oxidation and light swirl scratches from my vehicles and render them looking like new all the time!

The Mini Detail is a gem from The Car Spa, and is their Best Value service. In under 2 hours, each vehicle undergoes compressed air blowout, customized interior cleaning and a Super Spa valet wash, all for less than $70 per vehicle!

Of course essential vehicle maintenance services including the Express Oil-Change service, and a slew of Automotive Services from The Car Spa Tinley Park including:

● Transmission Service

● Fuel System Cleaning

● Oil System Cleaning

● Antifreeze/Coolant System Service

● Differential Service

● A/C Recharge

● Replacement of wiper blades, lights and cabin air filters

are worth a mention here, but will take a whole lot more words to give them due credit!

Why don’t you call The Car Spa Tinley Park at (708) 873-9810 or (708) 274-7060 meanwhile to learn more about the cost-effective packages for multiple vehicles, and bundled offers for your own fleet?

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