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From Grime to Shine: What Professional Car Detailing Services Can Do For You!

Maintaining a fleet of rental vehicles is no joke! There is a long list of cleaning and detailingactivities that need to be carried out for each vehicle of the fleet to keep them in good working condition. But despite your best efforts, everyday wear and tear, unfavorable weather conditions, and other environmental factors can leave your vehicles looking dull and dirty. But if you are in the Tinley Park area, you are in luck! The Car Spa Tinley Park provides a host of affordable vehicle-care services right there in your very own neighborhood.

Professional car detailing services from The Car Spa Tinley Park can effectively remove dirt and grime from your cars’ exterior, leaving them looking shiny and new always. From removing stubborn stains and scratches to restoring the shine of your vehicle, professional detailing services performed by experienced specialists at The Car Spa go way beyond a simple car wash, with long lasting results.

Take the Paint Correction Cleaning with Clay Bar Treatment for instance. This service incorporates:

● Removal of bug and light tar

● Clay Bar treatment and Cleaner Wax

● Power Wash cleaning of wheel wells, and the dressing of tires

● Sealer Wax Application and Chrome Polishing

and costs less than $100 per car!

The benefits of professional car detailing services extend beyond just the aesthetics, though. Regular detailing can help protect your cars’ paint and prevent rust and corrosion from destroying the exterior. The Car Spa Tinley Park has just the right service to prevent this problem.

The 3 Stage Polish Buff with Sealer Wax Treatment includes:

● Clay Bar Application wash

● Removal of oxidation and light swirls + scratches

● Paint + Clearcoat Brightener protection

● Complete 3-Stage Buff + Polish Treatment

and is sure to keep your fleet bright and shiny throughout the year.

The interior of the vehicles need as much TLC as the exterior, don’t you think? Interior detailing services can help remove bad odors, tough stains, and irritating allergens from your vehicles’ upholstery and carpets, improving the comfort quotient of your fleet. Complete Interior Only Full Shampoo Cleaning from The Car Spa Tinley Park comes with:

● Blowout + Vacuum of the entire vehicle

● Clean + Condition windows/glass, mirrors, chrome, leather, & compartments

● Shampoo carpet & fabric

● Full Interior Detailing

Professional detailing specialists at The Car Spa Tinley Park have access to custom tools and products that are not available to everyone, and can ensure thorough and high-quality cleaning every single time.

Built-up dirt and foreign particles can cause excessive wear in the engine and other mechanical components and reduce the life of the vehicles in your fleet. Keeping up regular oil-change schedules can make a real difference to the performance of the engines in the long run. The Car Spa Tinley Park adds a lot of value to its Express Oil-Change service by using only Valvoline Professional Series engine oils. Your vehicles can also get a free maintenance check and a complimentary Exterior Express Car Wash (worth $15) with every oil-change!

Investing in professional car detailing services can take care of the appearance and proper functioning of your fleet of vehicles right now, as well as increase the resale value of all of your vehicles if you choose to upgrade them in the future. And The Car Spa Tinley Park is where you can go to get the best automotive services in your own neighborhood.

Why wait? Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at (708) 274-7060 today and ask about our attractive offers and promotions now!

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