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Get your vehicle Winter-ready!

It is a tradition in my family for my brother Don, with his wife and kids, to visit us in Chicago for Thanksgiving, while we travel to his home in Cleveland for Christmas. After a long wait because of the pandemic, we were finally enthusiastically making plans for the Holidays, and our talk inevitably turned to our cars.

“You know the kids cannot stay indoors for long and we’d have to take them out. Better check for suitable places in and around Chicago, and make sure your car is in good condition”, Don said as we were trying to stuff as many activities as possible into the 4 days.

He was rightly concerned about the car, I thought, what with the icy roads, cold winds and the intermittent snowfall! But I am from Tinley Park, Chicago and with The Car Spa right around the corner as my trusted car-care partner, I have never had to worry about any part of my car!

The first thing I did to protect my car from the harsh climate was to give it a good wash at The Car Spa. With an array of premium valet car wash services available at such affordable pricing, I have never hesitated to pick the right one for me, usually the Super Spa Wash.

I also made it a point to check out for other services such as the Wax & Polish and Spray Wax, to bundle with my car wash or detail services to keep my beautiful car from rusting. The next thing I had to check on was my car's fuel system. The Car Spa’s complete fuel system cleaning package effectively took care of the fuel injectors, fuel lines and the air/fuel intake and I know that keeps my engine running at maximum performance.

It’s a good thing the helpful attendant at The Car Spa reminded me about the coolant which needed to be replaced, and I got it done immediately with the installation of a system conditioner to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components. Now I can confidently drive around a bit even in the snow without worrying about my vehicle stalling!

The wipers and snow tyres were next in line. The Car Spa has 3 varieties of wipers to pick from, and they make it so easy for you, you know, with all the maintenance services available at one place. I even got my external lights checked and the bulbs changed since I never know when it gets dark in this weather!

The website lists all the automotive services The Car Spa offers here: and it was easy for me to drop in, hand over my car to the efficient valets, catch up with my office work in the comfortable lounge, and drive away in my shiny clean car when they’d done all the work required!

My wife had asked me to look into the availability of disinfection services too, and when I called The Car Spa, Tinley Park at 708-873-9810, they told me about KleenSafe - their disinfection & viral remediation program. I gave it a shot and I was able to see from their data-driven report how clean and safe my car had actually gotten after the procedure! So, now I am all ready and excited to receive my brother and his family to my place after ages, and I simply can’t wait to haul my nieces and nephew into my fragrant car and take them around the Windy City!

And guess what I am getting my brother for his traditional stocking stuffer? The Car Spa gift cards, so he can pamper his beloved car as much as I pamper mine. I think it will make him very happy, don’t you? The Car Spa gift cards cater to a variety of services are now available at your nearest Costco stores. Why don’t you check them out today?

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