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Inside & Out - Maximizing the Value of Your Vehicle with Professional Detailing

Have you ever considered your car as an investment? Maybe not your very first one, but as you acquired the means to afford your dream vehicle, I am sure you would have looked at all the choices available in the market. Maybe you are one of those people who upgrade to better models every couple of years?

Whatever the case may be, it stands to reason that the better you take care of your vehicle today, the better it will perform for you now, as well as build a reasonable resale value for later! The one place that can help you with that is a professional Car Wash, Detailing and Automotive services center like The Car Spa Tinley Park

Would you like to see what true professional care can do for your car?

Car Wash Services

Sounds like something you can do at home yourself, right? Not really, though. Did you know that some brushes and sponges can actually cause more harm to your vehicle while scrubbing? Certain abrasive washing agents that you may inadvertently use can actually cause scratches and swirl marks that can mar the paint in your vehicle!

The Car Spa Tinley Park offers 3 types of Premium Valet Car Wash services

a. The Express Spa Valet Wash - If you need a quick high pressure soap prep, automatic soft cloth wash with high-pressure rinse, wheels washed and hand-applied tire-shine, this is the wash for you!

b. The Full Spa Valet Wash - The Express Wash plus you get your vehicle’s carpets and seats vacuumed in this Full Spa wash. The triple foam exterior surface treatment is sure to add extra shine to your car.

c. The Super Spa Valet Wash - Has it been a while since you washed your car? Do you have leather seats that need special care? Is the Simoniz Hot wax Online Surface Treatment overdue? Get it all with The Super Spa Valet Wash.

All of them come with a 72 hour weather protection/rewash by the way!

Premier Valet Detailing Services (

You are probably already aware that a regular detailing schedule should be maintained to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic. A well-trained professional crew can do this effectively by removing both visible and invisible contaminants from the vehicle's interior, and polishing the exterior to its original shiny finish.

The Complete Interior Only Full Shampoo Cleaning includes a blowout plus vacuum of the entire vehicle, shampooing carpet & fabric, and full interior detailing along with cleaning and conditioning of windows, mirrors, chrome and leather! Combine this with the odor removal treatment, add an enchanting car fragrance from The Car Spa’s wide collection, and you may end up never wanting to leave your car!

Exterior detailing is essential to keep your vehicle clean and shining, while also protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, birds, dust and debris. The Car Spa Tinley Park offers 2 great services to keep your car looking like new always:

Paint Correction Cleaning with Clay Bar Treatment

● Removal of bug, light tar, & rail dust particles

● Clay Bar Wax Application wash and Cleaner Wax

● Power Wash cleaning of wheel wells + tires dressed

● Sealer Wax Application and Chrome Polishing

3 Stage Polish Buff with Sealer Wax Treatment

● Clay Bar Application wash

● Removal of oxidation and light swirls + scratches

● Paint + Clear coat Brightener protection

● Complete 3-Stage Buff + Polish Treatment

There are tons of promotional offers and discount coupons from The Car Spa Tinley Park to make their services as cost-effective and affordable as possible for you. Call 708-873-9810 right now, and drive down to the spacious premises to protect your investment today!

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