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Looking for Affordable Car Wash & Automotive Services in Tinley Park? Call 708-873-9810 now!

New car or used car? This is a dilemma we face every time we have to buy a vehicle. Being the father of 3 children, each demanding his/her own car, I have to take into account multiple parameters before I buy a car.

Attractive financing options and years of warranty are excellent reasons to buy a new car. While the maintenance cost, including the cost of repair and service, is relatively low for a new car, one has to keep an eye on the high depreciation cost for new cars though, what with the technology becoming obsolete in just a few years!

On the other hand, used cars come with a lower price tag and lower depreciation, but with practically no financing options and high maintenance, repair, and service costs. With a family of five, used cars, albeit with their additional maintenance expenses, seems like the best choice for me. But with The Car Spa Tinley Park as my go-to center for car wash, detailing, oil-change and other automotive services, I should say I am getting excellent services at very affordable costs, even for my not-so-new cars, which in turn have considerably reduced my maintenance woes.

Take their Transmission Service for example. It comes with 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including Pre-Service Cleaner and transmission fluid conditioner starting at just $99.99. Or their Differential Service which comes with the evacuation of oil fluid, then refilling with the new fluid to the proper specifications starting at only $49.95. The Differential service from The Car Spa Tinley Park protects the gears and bearings for smooth, cool component operation, allowing for longer vehicle life, which becomes more imperative in used cars!

Speaking of efficient and cost-effective automotive services, the Antifreeze /Coolant System Service starting at $79.95 has proved an extraordinary value. The service includes a Pre-Service Cleaner of the entire cooling system and replacement of the antifreeze/coolant, restoring it to the proper freeze-boil protection. Moreover, a system conditioner is installed to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components to extend the vehicle’s life!

The Interior and Exterior detailing services at The Car Spa Tinley Park have been very useful in helping my kids maintain their cars. The Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service featuring Enzyme Blowout throughout the vehicle, hand washing/cleaning of all interior surfaces and shining of windows, glass and chrome surfaces is indeed a steal at only $150 per car.

An occasional Full Spa Valet Wash with The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Wax & Polish or Spray Wax services has restored the shine in my family’s vehicles even after long and muddy rides. I also make sure to follow the proper oil-change schedule because I know it is absolutely necessary for the proper health of the engines. The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Express Oil Change service makes it easy for me with their genuine Valvoline products, and a multi-point inspection of the vehicle thrown in.

Of course the special coupons from The Car Spa Tinley Park on most of their essential services is the icing on the cake. Visit, download the coupons there, and you will save more on their already economical services! Whether you have a new car or a used car, I guarantee that The Car Spa Tinley Park’s services will be of excellent value to you and your family. Why don’t you call them at 708-873-9810 to book an appointment?

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