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  • Raj L

My New Year Car-Care Resolutions!

I shall maintain a strict oil-change schedule.

I can assure you that the Express Oil Change service from the Car Spa Tinley Park is the best, because you can pick from the Professional Series of engine oils of the trusted Valvoline brand, and you don’t even need an appointment! Plus, you get a free express car wash and maintenance check with each oil change, so you have a clean, fresh vehicle, and can also know if there’s any further work to be done on your car! Check out for more details. There is also a promotional coupon here: if you are interested. Don’t wait, this coupon is for a limited time only.

My car will be clean and shiny throughout the year.

The Car Spa Tinley Park makes it easy for me with the 3 types of washes - a quick and efficient $12 Express Spa Valet Wash, with a 12 hour weather protection/ rewash, the $23 Full Spa Valet wash with a 48 hour weather protection/ rewash, and the $35 Super Spa Valet Wash with a 72 hour weather protection / rewash. The Car Spa also has a flexible Wax & Polish with the clay bar treatment or a Spray Wax for that instant shine. Their website gives more information on the services for you to choose from.

I shall get my car detailed meticulously.

A good car wash can work wonders on your car, but for more intensive cleaning, The Car Spa offers excellent detailing services too. The complete interior cleaning & blowout, the complete exterior cleaning & clay wash, the complete exterior polish buff and wax and wash are performed by their well trained crew and come with promotional offers.

Their best value is the Mini Detail though, which comes with a compressed air blowout, customized interior cleaning, and a Super Spa Valet Wash included! And while you're there, you can also get their Kleensafe package, which offers a thorough disinfection and viral remediation service. I'm sure it would be a relief knowing you and your family are protected from harmful bacteria and viruses while traveling in your car too. Browse through to see how you can use the coupons to save even more money on the services!

I shall make sure to get all the required Automotive Services done on time.

If my car requires any maintenance services, I will get them done immediately instead of carrying on and hoping for the best. Be it the Transmission service, Fuel System cleaning, Oil system cleaning, Antifreeze/Coolant System service or the Differential service, I know that at the Car Spa, they have the solution to all of my automotive maintenance needs.

Even if it is something small (but vital especially on dark wintry nights) like replacing my vehicle’s wiper blades or any of the lights, the Car Spa is the place to go to with their very reasonably priced services. Their A/C recharge service starts at just $129.95 and is totally worth it. lists The Car Spa Tinley Park’s automotive services, if you’d like to take a look.

I am sure your car deserves being treated well, and The Car Spa Tinley Park can be your totally trustworthy car-care partner. Why don’t you call 708-873-9810 now or visit their website at to learn more about all their services and their promotional offers? Or you can just drive down to their center for quick and efficient service throughout the year!

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