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Own a Car Dealership in Tinley Park, IL? Here is why you should call (708) 274-7060 today!

Owning a car dealership in Tinley Park, Illinois has many advantages. The region provides attractive business incentives; there is good economic diversity & stability; and a productive labor force is in abundance. But accessibility to The Car Spa Car Wash & Detail Center’s services, right in the middle of the Tinley Park neighborhood, has definitely been a noteworthy advantage to us!

The Car Spa Tinley Park ((708) 274-7060) offers an array of Car Wash options, Interior and Exterior Detailing services, Oil-Change with the Valvoline Professional Series engine oils, and a variety of automotive services. Their premium valet service is excellent too. Speaking of premium, many of our high-value customers who buy luxury cars from us especially appreciate the “wash-by-hand” service from The Car Spa Tinley Park. When it comes to the pre-delivery cleaning of those expensive vehicles, that additional layer of gentle care definitely helps!

These days it makes sense to add an effective disinfection routine to the usual pre-delivery cleaning, even of brand new cars, to make our customers feel safe in their sparkling new vehicles, don’t you think? This is where the KleenSafe (cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection and viral remediation) Program and the Motor Vehicle - Safety Accreditation Program (MV-SAP) certification from The Car Spa are worth their weight in gold, if you know what I mean. The programs not only follow meticulous cleaning, disinfection and viral remediation protocols and are entirely data driven, but the vehicles also get a Safety Certificate after the cleaning & disinfection procedures are carried out.

The Car Spa Tinley Park’s cleaning, disinfection and viral remediation protocols have been quite invaluable for our used vehicles too, not to mention the benefits our test-drive vehicles have received from them. Our prospective buyers are much more comfortable trying out our vehicles after the KleenSafe assurance, believe me! In addition, the oil-change service at The Car Spa Tinley Park comes with an Express Spa Wash and a multi-point maintenance check absolutely free every time, and maintaining a regular schedule has definitely helped to forestall some tricky vehicle problems for us.

Speaking of used cars, a combination of The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout, Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash, and the Complete Exterior Polish Buff & Wax with Wash services is sure to leave any used car looking like new! The Spa line of Car Wash services at The Car Spa are quite effective also, along with a quick wax and polish where required.

I make it a point to have the trained crew at The Car Spa do a complete maintenance check of the used cars that come to my lot, and they do a pretty thorough job of overhauling the major internal systems. Fuel system cleaning, Oil-system cleaning, Transmission service, Differential service and Antifreeze/Coolant system service, when completed at The Car Spa, add a lot of value while reselling our used cars.

Not only that, it is easy to get new wipers or exterior bulbs changed quickly with no hassles at all at The Car Spa too. All I have to do is call them at (708) 274-7060 and handover the maintenance/automotive services to them!

If you own a car dealership, or a used car lot, or even a car rental business in/around Tinley Park, I would strongly recommend that you call them at (708) 274-7060 and discuss pre-delivery cleaning, and continuance maintenance options with them. I have seen the positive difference in my balance sheet after partnering with The Car Spa Tinley Park, and am pretty sure you will too!

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