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Own a Pre-Owned Vehicles Dealership? Save Big on Auto-Care Services at The Car Spa Tinley Park!

Owning and operating a used car dealership at Tinley Park has many advantages. But the one that stands out for me is my dealership’s proximity to the best car wash and detail center, The Car Spa Tinley Park! With the wide range of car wash, detail and automotive services they provide, and the attractive cost effective vehicle care packages they put together for me, I have been able to save tonnes of money during the last financial year alone.

The first thing I do when I acquire a used car is to hand it over to The Car Spa Tinley Park. The multipoint maintenance check that comes absolutely free with their Express Oil Change service is an extremely useful tool to understand the health of the vehicle.

The Oil Change itself is carried out by trained mechanics with the trusted Valvoline Professional Series engine oils. You can pick from the following varieties of engine oils:

● Thrive Conventional

● High Mileage/Synthetic Blends

● Full Synthetic & Eco Friendly Full Synthetic

Once we are clear about the status of the different systems in the used vehicle, The Car Spa Tinley Park’s plethora of automotive services can help with the complete overhaul of all the important parts of the vehicle.

Fuel system and Oil system Cleaning services at The Car Spa Tinley Park can maximize engine performance, improve fuel mileage, and help to increase the resale value of the vehicle. The Transmission service starting at only $99.99 per vehicle guarantees 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement.

Once the internal components and systems are taken care of, the look and feel of the vehicle becomes the next area of focus. The Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service at The Car Spa features enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle. All the interior surfaces are hand washed and the leather seats are cleaned and conditioned to perfection. Even the glass and chrome surfaces are carefully cleaned and polished to leave the interior of the vehicle looking brand-new. Throw in the ozone treatment to remove any bad odors and an exotic fragrance from the wide variety available at The Car Spa, and the vehicle interior is ready to charm your buyers!

Sometimes there is the problem of the light swirl scratches and oxidation that could mar the sheen of even a good paint job on a used vehicle. But The Car Spa Tinley Park has the right solution to that problem too. The Complete Exterior Cleaning, Clay Wash and the Polish, Buff and Wax services at The Car Spa can remove the ungainly marks on the exterior in a jiffy and restore the shine and sparkle of the car, SUV or van. The Spray Wax service is a quick alternative for extra protection.

Of course the wipers, lights and cabin air filters have to be replaced before I can put the cars back on the market for resale, and The Car Spa Tinley Park has the best styles of wipers with immediate installation for a completely hassle free experience!

If the car I bought is relatively new and well maintained, I know I can depend on the Mini Detail (The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Best Value) service with its Super Spa Valet wash and customized interior cleaning to deliver a sparkling vehicle ready for the market again.

An additional incentive is that these services can be bundled up into affordable and attractive packages for multiple vehicles too, leading to unheard of savings of time and money! Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at (708) 274-7060, or visit now to get all your queries answered, and to learn more about all the other great benefits!

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Jan 17, 2023

I am thinking to buy a new car but first i want to sell junk car. By using that money i will buy a new car.

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