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Post-Winter Vehicle-Care Checklist - Part 1

Now that the ice and snow of Winter have finally given way to the warmth of Spring, it is time to take your vehicles out and prepare for some long trips, isn’t it? But has your car or truck fully recovered from the harsh Winter weather? Let’s look at a quick maintenance checklist and see if you can tick them off at your neighborhood car-care center!

Let’s begin with a good car wash. This would be a good way to remove the salt and other debris collected on the surface as well as the underside of the vehicle. If you live in the Tinley Park area, you are in luck. The Car Spa Tinley Park has some very good car wash options for you including the

1. Express Spa Valet Wash

  • High-Pressure Soap Prep and Wheel Wells Sprayed

  • Automatic Soft Cloth Wash with High Pressure Rinse

  • Hand Dried by Valet Staff, including Door / Trunk Jambs

  • Undercarriage Treatment Application

  • Wheels Washed and Hand-Applied Tire Shine

2. Full Spa Valet Wash which comes with all the services of the Express Spa Valet Wash plus the following:

  • Windows, Panoramic Sun / Moon Roofs, & Exterior Glass Cleaned

  • Light-Duty / High Effort Vacuum of Carpet and Seats

  • Cup Holders wiped-out

  • Triple Foam Exterior Surface Treatment Application

3. Super Spa Valet Wash which includes the treatments from the Full Spa in addition to the following:

  • Interior Air Freshener Treatment

  • Simoniz Hot Wax Online Surface Treatment

  • Microfiber Wipe-Down of Leather Seating

  • Light-Duty Wipe-Down of Door Panels

  • Front floor mats/liners washed and dried

4. If you are looking for a luxury treatment for your car, The Car Spa also has a “wash-by-hand” service. Why don’t you call 708-873-9810 to learn more about it?

Next, get your car out of the winter blues and get the shine back on with a good

Spray Wax

  • Light-Duty Wax Protection

  • Hand Applied with Microfiber or a Wax & Polish treatment

  • Express Wax

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • 3-Phase Buffing & Polish

from The Car Spa! Visit to get more details on the wash and wax bundled offers. A great way to protect your paint cost-effectively, don’t you think?

It would be a good idea to check if the cold and damp has affected your vehicle interiors and upholstery at this time. The Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service from The Car Spa Tinley Park featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, washing & cleaning of all the interior surfaces, cleaning and conditioning of all the interior leather seats & surfaces, and cleaning of glass windows, mirrors and chrome surfaces, can help you get your interior back in shape and smelling fresh in no time at all! This way you can be sure to check and prevent rust, corrosion and water damage throughout your vehicle.

The complete exterior detailing services at The Car Spa are definitely worth checking out, but if you are looking for a quick and efficient detailing service, the Mini Detail service featuring

  • Compressed Air Blowout

  • Customized Interior Cleaning

  • Super Spa Valet Wash

can get your vehicle cleaned and ready in just 2 hours!

Between the car wash and detail services at The Car Spa Tinley Park, you are sure to have your car cleaning needs covered. Make sure to get the coupons and offers from, to get all of those done at amazingly low prices, before you drive down to The Car Spa today!

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