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Reduce your Fleet’s Operating Costs with The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Owning and operating a fleet of rental moving vans and trucks is not an unprofitable business, but the maintenance of the vehicles does not come easy. Having a reliable maintenance/automotive services partner such as The Car Spa in our own Tinley Park neighborhood has helped me save on operating costs and has contributed much to the success of my business.

The service I go to them most for is their Best Value - the Mini Detail service This excellent service includes compressed air blowout, customized interior cleaning and a Super Spa Valet Wash, which means both the inside and the outside of my vehicles are left spotless in just a couple of hours! Transporting household furniture traveling on muddy roads is quite a messy business, and The Car Spa keeps me worry-free with this gem.

The Express Oil-Change service is another of The Car Spa Tinley Park’s services I cannot do without. Systematic scheduling and timely reminders for all my vehicles have played a big part in extending the life of my rental vehicles’ engines. Only Valvoline Professional Series engine oils are used by The Car Spa Tinley Park for this service, which also includes an Express Spa Wash for that instant shine. The multi-point maintenance check that comes along with this oil change service has helped us catch small problems before they become unmanageable.

The advantage with signing up The Car Spa Tinley Park as our vehicle-care partner is that their comprehensive services leave no stone unturned. Right from tar removal, scratch protection and buff & shine services for the exterior, till the delicious range of car fragrances they offer, I can confidently say that every inch of my vehicle will be well taken care of!

The Car Spa Tinley Park is the place we go to for our other automotive services like the Fuel System Cleaning, where all the oil passages inside the engine are completely cleaned to allow accurate flow of oil to critical engine parts, thus protecting the engine to last longer by allowing proper lubrication.

The Antifreeze /Coolant System Service starting at only $79.95 is quite a bargain indeed. Complete Pre-Service Cleaning of the entire cooling system and replacement of the antifreeze/coolant is performed, restoring it to the proper freeze/boil protection. In addition, a system conditioner is installed to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components for a longer vehicle life.

I have to give complete credit to The Car Spa Tinley Park for keeping my fleet’s gears and bearings protected and functioning smoothly with their Differential Service. The best part is all I’d had to do was call (708) 274-7060 and discuss value packages and special rates for my entire fleet for their complete range of services And the money and effort I’ve saved is making my balance sheet look that much better.

If you are the proud owner or manager of rental vehicles, be it cars, vans or trucks, I would strongly recommend you call The Car Spa Tinley Park today, and see what it can do to your profits! If you have any questions about the size of their facility, or their capabilities, don’t hesitate to drive down to 9401 West 171st Street Tinley Park, IL 60487 today!

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