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Rev Up Your Car’s Shine With Regular Car Wash and Detailing Services!

As a car owner, maintaining the overall appearance and performance of your vehicle meticulously is sure to bring you ample returns in the long run. While regular oil changes and automotive maintenance are essential for the engine's health, keeping the exterior of your car shiny and scratch free is equally important. Regular car washing and detailing services from reputed car wash & detail centers such as The Car Spa Tinley Park only enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle but will also protect it from damage caused by dust, ultra violet rays and harsh weather conditions.

Regular Car Wash services remove the dirt and debris from the exterior of your vehicle. But it is vital that the washing is done very carefully to prevent wet marks and scraped paint. Entrusting this task to experienced valets at The Car Spa Tinley Park will help you keep your car bright and clean at costs that might surprise you. You can readily pick from:

● The Express Spa Valet Wash ($12)

● The Full Spa Valet Wash ($23)

● The Super Spa Valet Wash ($35)

available at The Car Spa Tinley Park every day, and they all come with a rewash/weather protection guarantee, by the way!

While washing the car can get rid of accumulated dust, waxing will provide a protective barrier against harmful external elements and can keep the paint looking glossy and new. The Car Spa Tinley Park offers the Spray Wax or Wax & Polish with Clay Bar treatment for you to choose from!

Another important thing to consider is the rust that could form from the accumulated moisture in the exterior paint cracks. Grime and pollutants can damage your car's paint and have to be kept away scrupulously. The Complete Exterior Cleaning & Clay Wash along with the Exterior Polish, Buff, Wax and Wash services from The Car Spa Tinley Park is just what you need!

The Clay Bar Wash effectively removes all harmful debris while the buffing and polishing can get rid of any oxidation and light swirl scratches that mar the appearance of your car. The Paint & Clear Coat Brightener applied can take care of the shine and prevent dust from adhering to your vehicle, and the polished chrome will definitely add the additional sparkle! The Mini Detail is theBest Value” service when you are hard pressed for time!

If you are thinking of passenger comfort and pleasure, the interior of the vehicle deserves a good amount of attention too! A clean and fresh smelling interior can instantly boost up your spirits and make all travel pleasurable, don’t you think? The Complete Interior Cleaning & Blowout detailing service from The Car Spa Tinley Park features enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, and the washing/cleaning of all the interior surfaces, including the glass windows and chrome surfaces. Even the leather is carefully cleaned and conditioned to make your car attractive and safe.

Bad odors and food smells marring your driving experience? The Odor Removal and Ozone Treatments from The Car Spa Tinley Park are available by quote to solve just this problem! Stop by The Car Spa Tinley Park and check out the wide array of exotic and spicy fragrances, car-fresheners, etc. to amp up the freshness of your vehicle interior!

Professional car wash and detail services can prevent long-term damages to your vehicle from unfavorable weather conditions and improve the resale value of your car, van or truck. If you are in Chicago, your reliable vehicle-care partner is just round the corner at Tinley Park. Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810, or visit today!

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