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Road trip coming up? Here are a few quick tips for you.

Road trips are fun, aren’t they? With the right company, a road trip can be as good as the Bodhi tree in delivering enlightenment. But only if your vehicle cooperates, right? I am sure you would have checked every aspect of your car - oil - change requirement, transmission system performance, tyre health, A/C and heaters, cleanliness, etc., meticulously while you were planning your trip since your car needs to be in good working condition to brave the long and rough roads!

If you had muddy roads on your travel map, it is a good idea to carry hose pipes and wash the outside of your car whenever possible, especially the tyres and undercarriage, as caked mud can sometimes damage the paintwork and conceal sharp objects that could harm the tyres. If your journey takes you through Tinley Park, Chicago, you can pick from The Car Spa’s premium Express Spa, Full Spa or Super Spa Car Wash services - - and maybe catch up on your emails in their well-equipped lounge while you wait.

But speaking of cleanliness, I hope you are one of those sensible people who have learnt from the prevailing circumstances, and not aim for just “visibly clean”! If you are, then you would know the importance of disinfection and viral remediation services to get your car really clean for a long trip with your beloved friends or family.

And I can recommend just the right cleaning and disinfection for you! If you are from the Tinley Park, Chicago area, you can call The Car Spa at 708-873-9810 and ask about their KleenSafe program - an array of meticulous cleaning, disinfection and viral remediation procedures performed with a zero-toxic, food safe disinfecting agent that is safe on your car electronics and gadgets. With their specialized diagnostic equipment, The Car Spa can show the resulting cleanliness in numbers which can leave no possible doubt about the safety of your car environment for your loved ones.

While you are there, why don’t you check out The Car Spa’s very useful automotive services - Afterall, one never knows when the AC or light bulbs or even the wipers would go bust when you are driving long distances! There is a wide variety of wiper blades and lights at The Car Spa which you can get installed immediately if required.

What about the cabin air-filters? If you have not already checked them, make sure they are clean so the passengers can travel comfortably. Speaking of comfort, does your car smell clean and fragrant? A lot of our memories are associated with smells, aren’t they? And if you want happy memories from the trip, stocking up on air fresheners and fragrances for your car would be an excellent idea, don’t you think? The Car Spa at Tinley Park has some great floral, woody, spicy and exotic fragrances that you may want to check out.

Looks like you are all ready for the trip of your dreams! If you do pass through Tinley Park. Chicago, drop in at The Car Spa for a quick maintenance check. We have great promotions too - for you. Bon Voyage and travel safe!

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