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Take Advantage of Rewarding Opportunities this New Year!

We all make New Year resolutions for ourselves, but you know what I did this year? I made some pretty solid resolutions for my Luxury Car Dealership which I own and manage at Tinley Park. With The Car Spa Tinley Park just around the corner from my dealership, I am sure I can keep up with all of them this year!

Improve Customer Satisfaction Index

I bet you’ve heard about the Customer Satisfaction Index that is a buzzword in our industry these days. The customer expectations are always on the rise, and we have to come up with value-adds with every sale to keep our customers happy and to gain one-upmanship over our competition. The pre-delivery cleaning services from The Car Spa Tinley Park has a neat disinfection and viral remediation option that helps us showcase how much we value our customers’ health and safety!

Go Above and Beyond Ordinary Service

In addition, The Car Spa Tinley Park offers a wide array of exotic and well-liked car fragrances that adds a little bit of spicy freshness to the new car smell in every one of our luxury cars. It is the small things that make a big difference to our invaluable customers’ “new car experience” and I have The Car Spa to thank for it. The unique and gentle “wash-by-hand” service offered by The Car Spa Tinley Park is another way to show our customers we truly care!

Save the Planet

It might sound grandiose, but I believe that every little effort we put into reducing pollution, conserving fuel, and recycling really does make a difference to the health of our planet. What better way than to overhaul used cars and spruce them up for reuse? That is exactly what our Luxury Used Cars Dealership does with The Car Spa Tinley Park’s array of automotive services encompassing just about every maintenance service including:

a. Transmission Service - 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including Pre-Service Cleaner and transmission fluid conditioner.

b. Differential Service - Evacuation of oil fluid, then refill with new fluid to the proper specifications. This protects the gears and bearings for smooth, cool component operation,

c. Fuel System Cleaning - Complete cleaning of the system including fuel injectors, fuel lines, and the air/fuel intake

d. Oil system Cleaning - Complete system cleaning of all oil passages inside the engine to allow accurate flow of oil to critical engine parts.

e. Antifreeze/Coolant System Service - Complete Pre-Service Cleaner of the entire cooling system and replacement of the antifreeze/coolant, restoring it to the proper freeze/boil protection. A system conditioner is also installed.

Make Wise Business Decisions

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many money-saving opportunities we sometimes let slip through our fingers. Not with The Car Spa Tinley Park, though, especially with all their promotional offers and discount coupons they throw in with their package deals!

What’s more, The Car Spa’s Express Oil Change service is carried out with Valvoline Professional Series engine oils, and comes with a free Express Spa Wash in addition to:

● Up to 5 Quarts Motor Oil

● Oil Filter replacement

● Chassis lubrication

● Washer Fluid filling

● Windshield washing

● Oil Light Indicator resetting

● Window Sticker for Next Service provision

● Free Tire or Fluid Checks Anytime provision

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Weather protection/Rewash guarantees don’t come as often as they have been offered at The Car Spa Tinley Park with all their premium valet Car Wash options, and I plan to take advantage of them for all my test-drive vehicles. I am sure you would too if you appreciate great value. Call (708) 274-7060 now and see how many of The Car Spa Tinley Park’s excellent service packages can save you money!

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24 janv. 2023

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