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The Best Automotive Services at Incredible Value - Right here in your Neighborhood!

According to a recent survey, listed below are the factors that respondents considered most important while selecting automotive service providers for their cars and trucks:

  1. Great value for money

  2. Knowledgeable friendly staff

  3. Convenient location

The Car Spa Tinley Park provides the following automotive services which give you great value for your money:

  1. Transmission service - This service guarantees 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including pre-service Cleaner and transmission fluid conditioner, for prices starting at $99.99 only. Getting the transmission service done at The Car Spa Tinley Park is sure to keep the transmission system in your vehicle well protected to enable the smooth running of your vehicle.

  2. Fuel System Cleaning - This service will positively help improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage by thoroughly cleaning the complete fuel system including the fuel injectors, fuel lines and the air/fuel intake. Maximize the performance of your vehicle by spending $49.95 for this service, and see the difference!

  3. Oil System Cleaning - If you know the importance of proper lubrication of your engine, you will know the value of a clean oil-system! At The Car Spa Tinley Park, get the Oil System cleaning service starting at $14.95 and make sure that the oil you pour reaches all the critical engine parts.

  4. Antifreeze/Coolant System Service - Want to ensure longer life for your vehicle? Come to The Car Spa and get the proper freeze/boil protection for your vehicle’s radiator, heater core, water pump and related components for as low as $79.95!

  5. Differential Service - Starting at $49.95 at The Car Spa Tinley Park, evacuation of oil fluid and refilling with new fluid is carried out during this service to protect the gears and bearings of your vehicle.

Speaking of great value offers, the promotions at The Car Spa Tinley Park can save you a pretty penny whether you are a fleet owner or an individual who loves his/her car! Check out the amazing bundled offers and discount coupons on:

★ Mini Detail Services

★ Complete Interior Cleaning & Blowout

★ Complete Exterior Cleaning & Clay Wash

★ Complete Exterior Polish, Buff, Wax, and Wash services

The Car Spa Tinley Park is well known for our knowledgeable and friendly staff. You only have to get our Express Oil Change service to experience our crew’s expertise first hand!

The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Express Oil Change service includes:

1. Oil change with your choice from the Valvoline Professional Series engine oils. 3 varieties are available for you to pick from:

  • Thrive Conventional

  • High Mileage/Synthetic Blends

  • Full Synthetic & Eco Friendly Full Synthetic

2. Every oil change includes:

  • Up to 5 Quarts Motor Oil

  • Replacement of Oil Filter

  • Lubrication of Chassis

  • Washer Fluid filling

  • Windshield wash

  • Resetting of Oil Light Indicator

  • Window Sticker for Next Service

  • Free Tire or Fluid Checks Anytime

3. Free Express Spa Wash

4. Complimentary Maintenance Check of:

  • Antifreeze / Coolant

  • Tire Pressure

  • Battery

  • Belts

  • Exterior Lights

  • Air / Cabin Filters

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Wiper Blades

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Brake Fluid

The Car Spa Tinley Park is conveniently located at 9401 West 171st Street Tinley Park, and includes an expansive multi-vehicle Car Wash area, Detail Center, Oil Change & Express Automotive service centers We have 2 separate customer service numbers, 708-274-7060 for fleet owners, and 708-873-9810 for individual vehicle owners so you can get the quick and efficient service you deserve from us. Don’t wait. Call us today to learn more!

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