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Traveling for the Holidays? Get your vehicle ready at The Car Spa Tinley Park!

The time everyone of us has been waiting for is finally here! It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am sure you are getting ready to drive down to meet your families and friends and spend the holidays with your loved ones. Is your car ready for the long trip?

If you have any doubt at all, just bring your vehicle to The Car Spa Tinley Park and get their Multipoint Maintenance check done as soon as you can. The Car Spa has an array of automotive services that can be completed while you wait, so no appointment-booking hassles here!

The first thing you have to do is make sure all your vehicle’s systems are functioning properly. The Car Spa Tinley Park’s bouquet of automotive services encompasses:

  1. Transmission service with a 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including pre-service cleaner and transmission fluid conditioner starting at $99.99

  2. Fuel system cleaning including thorough cleaning of fuel injectors, fuel lines and air/fuel intake starting at $49.95

  3. Differential service comprising the evacuation of oil fluid, and refill with new fluid following the right specifications staring at only $49.95

  4. Antifreeze/Coolant system service which involves the complete pre-service cleaner of the entire cooling system and replacement of the anti-freeze/coolant. A system conditioner will also be installed to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components which are important maintenance checks that must be performed before you embark on any long drive.

If you haven’t changed the oil in your vehicle in a while, The Car Spa Tinley Park offers an Express Oil Change service performed with the Valvoline Professional Series engine oils. This service also comes with an Express Spa Wash absolutely free!

Speaking of Car Wash services, The Car Spa Tinley Park’s premium valet car wash services are the best in the region. So if you haven’t experienced their spa treatment for your cars , do try the Full Spa Valet Wash and the Super Spa Valet Wash services today. As an added bonus, all the Car Wash services come with a rewash guarantee. So if you are driving in the rain and snow immediately after a wash, you can get your vehicle cleaned up again on your return! Reassuring, isn’t it?

Whether your car is old or brand new, a clean and shiny vehicle exterior will immediately boost its appearance. But harsh weather conditions, UV rays, dirt and mud can mar the sheen of your vehicle, causing small scratches and swirls that can collect moisture and give way to rust. Waxing and polishing your vehicle at the right intervals can help maintain the look and feel of your vehicle’s paint job for longer periods.

The Car Spa Tinley Park has just the right services for you:

  1. Light duty Wax protection with the Spray Wax

  2. Express Wax, Clay Bar treatment and 3-phase Buffing and Polishing

  3. Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash including a power wash and cleaning of the wheel wells, and dressing of the tires

But the Complete Exterior Clay Bar Wash, Buff and Polish service is what you would need to remove oxidation, mild scratches and swirls. Paint and clearcoat brightener and protection that is a part of this service package can really get your vehicle’s sparkle back!

Add the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service, and your vehicle will be spotlessly clean and gleaming, both inside and out. Get down at your loved ones’ homes from a vehicle with the “just-from-the-showroom” vibe fresh from The Car Spa Tinley Park, and be ready to bask in the compliments! Call 708-873-9810 now!

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