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Want to improve your Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI)? Call (708) 274-7060 now!

If you own or manage an auto (cars, vans, trucks) dealership, you know that every sale comes with a host of pre-delivery cleaning, and test drive vehicle maintenance requirements. With your propitious placement, The Car Spa Tinley Park could be just the ideal Vehicle Care Partner, especially if you are thinking of improving your CSI scores!

Pre-delivery Cleaning & Disinfection

Wondering about additional “customer delight” factors to differentiate yourself from the other dealers? Why not add the KleenSafe Disinfection and Viral Remediation service from The Car Spa to the pre-delivery cleaning of your brand new vehicles? The car-care gift cards from The Car Spa for Car Wash and Automotive services are a cost effective option for you to keep your customers happy and engaged even after the initial sale.

The Car Spa Tinley Park also has an array of exotic Car Fragrances including flowery, spicy, and other alluring scents that will instantly transport your customers to their favorite vacation spots as soon as they get in. What better way to make them smile, right? Take a look at for more service suggestions!

Test Drive Vehicles - Cleaning & Maintenance

Do you have to wash your test drive vehicles every time it is used? Are you worried about the interior and exterior cleaning expenses that could add up to a considerable sum every quarter? Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at (708) 274-7060 today and ask us about our premium valet Car Wash services You can choose from:

  1. The Express Spa Valet Wash with high pressure soap prep and wheel wells sprayed. Our valet staff will even hand-dry the vehicle for you.

  2. The Full Spa Valet Wash with light-duty / high effort vacuum of carpet and seats and Triple Foam exterior surface treatment

  3. The Super Spa Valet Wash with Simoniz Hot Wax Online Surface Treatment and Interior Air Freshener Treatment with your choice of fragrance.

All of these washes come with a rewash /weather protection guarantee, which means it is always the right time to get your vehicles washed at The Car Spa Tinley Park, and at affordable package prices and bundled offers too!

Of course a complete interior detail once in a while is absolutely required to keep the test drive vehicles attractive and inviting. Check out our Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service featuring:

  • Enzyme Blowout throughout the vehicle

  • All interior surfaces hand-washed and cleaned

  • Interior leather seats and surfaces cleaned and conditioned

  • Glass windows, mirrors and chrome cleaned and polished

Even test drive vehicles could benefit from Wax and Polish services, don’t you think? The Car Spa Tinley Park’s Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash combined with the Buff, Wax, and Polish services can remove oxidation and light swirl scratches in a jiffy. The paint and clearcoat brightener and protection can have your test drive vehicles sparkling and shiny once again in no time.

The test drive vehicles also need an array of maintenance checks done periodically and The Car Spa Tinley Park is well equipped with economically priced essential automotive services to completely satisfy your vehicles’ every requirement. So if you need an occasional fuel system cleaning, or transmission system overhaul, The Car Spa in your neighborhood is the perfect place to come to. You can even get the wiper blades and light bulbs changed while you wait anytime you want!

Don’t wait. Call The Car Spa Tinley Park now for excellent offers on Express Oil Change and Mini Detail services too, and take advantage of the limited-time coupons today!

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Jan 19, 2023

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