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Wet Weather damaging your vehicle? Let The Car Spa Tinley Park help!

The rainy season and winter weather have been particularly harsh this year, don’t you think? If your Car Wash and Detailing Center is as good as mine - The Car Spa Tinley Park, you would have no worries. I can promise you that the cars and SUVs in my family will not be as spotless and shiny if not for their excellent services!

Take the Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash service which costs less than $100 per car, and includes:

  • Light duty bug, light tar, and microbial particle removal

  • Clay bar application wash and cleaner wax

  • Power wash/cleaning of wheel wells/dressing of the tires

  • Sealer wax application and polishing of all the chrome surfaces

But what about the swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation marks left on your beautiful paint job? The way this wet weather affects the luster of your vehicle is enough to drive your blood pressure up, right? Well, The Car Spa Tinley Park’s trained Specialists can eradicate these marks with their Complete Exterior Buff, Polish, Wax and Wash services in a jiffy, trust me! If you don’t need the complete kit and kaboodle, the Wax & Polish, and Spray Wax services can definitely bring back the shine to your vehicle with no hassle at all.

Speaking of hassles, what does one do with the soaking wet, and dirt/salt covered car mats and carpets? You know what an odor that can cause! What you can do is bring them over to The Car Spa Tinley Park and get them shampooed and washed today. While you are there, check out the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service. Your interior leather seats and surfaces will be carefully cleaned and conditioned as part of this service, and if you opt for the odor removal and ozone treatments, you can be sure your vehicle will smell like your favorite vacation destination, all fresh and welcoming, after.

The weather protection/rewash guarantee that comes with every one of the 3 premium valet car wash services alone has saved me a ton of money this wet weather season.

  1. The Express Spa Valet Wash with 24 Hour Weather Protection / Re-Wash ($29.95 per ma Unlimited Wash Club Available)

  2. The Full Spa Valet Wash with 48 Hour Weather Protection / Re-Wash ($59.95 per ma Unlimited Wash Club Available)

  3. The Super Spa Valet Wash with 72 Hour Weather Protection / Re-Wash

Keeping an eye on proper functioning of the automotive parts and systems in your vehicle is especially important when you have to drive on dark and wet roads, don’t you think? Brakes that respond instantly and wipers that clear your windshield effectively can actually be the things that save your life on rainy days. The Car Spa Tinley Park has the automotive services covered too! Whether it is a transmission flush or the differential service you want tweaked, or you just want to replace wipers and external bulbs, The Car Spa Tinley Park can take care of them for you even while you wait.

I don’t have to tell you about the importance of changing your vehicle’s engine oil at the right time, do I? It is not difficult to keep up the schedule if you have The Car Spa Tinley Park on your side. Why wait? Call 708-873-9810, or drive down to9401 West 171st Street Tinley Park, IL 60487 today!

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