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What NOT to do when Detailing your Vehicle

If you own a vehicle, you would have considered detailing services for it, either on your own, or at a car wash/detail center. But what exactly is detailing? And how is it different from the regular washing and cleaning services?

The purpose of auto detailing is to keep the inside and the outside of the vehicle looking clean and in good condition, with particular emphasis on “how the vehicle looks”, and to keep the vehicle protected from external elements like dirt and dust, harsh UV rays, rain damage, etc. This includes a basic external wash, waxing and polishing, cleaning the wheels, vacuuming the seats, cleaning the floor mats and polishing the metal fixtures like the door handles, and giving the windshield and window glasses a good shine.

Each of the activities mentioned above involves a series of steps carried out systematically, and a host of cleaning agents and chemicals that could just as easily harm your vehicle rather than protect it! For example, the glossy finish that silicone based dashboard protectants give could end up being harmful to the driver because they may render the dashboard reflective! Instead, a matt finished protective layer will last longer and attract less dust while keeping the shine off the drivers’ eyes.

Tricky, isn’t it? That is why most of us opt for professional help for our car detailing needs, and The Car Spa Tinley Park is indeed a good place to go to for all your car washing (, detailing and maintenance service needs. One of the most sought after services at The Car Spa is the Complete Interior Cleaning & Blowout.

Another thing we are tempted to do while cleaning our cars and SUVs is using household cleaning products in our vehicles, dish soaps and window cleaners for example. Did you know that most of the window cleaners we use at home contain ammonia and would harm the glass in our cars and vans? Dish soaps are also a no-no because while they would seem like a sensible choice to remove stains, they tend to damage vehicle interiors and seats on continuous usage. Similarly, alcohol based cleaners, while great for some surfaces, can play havoc on leather seats.

So why gamble on the safety of your cars when The Car Spa Tinley Park offers excellent exterior detailing services at cost-effective prices? The Complete Exterior Cleaning & Clay Wash costs less than $100/car and includes clay bar wax application wash, and The Complete Exterior Polish service is sure to leave your vehicle looking like new!

The Car Spa Tinley Park can take care of other essential services such as oil change (with Valvoline products, no less) for your vehicle, and important automotive services too.

If you need an efficient detailing service, but do not have the luxury of time, try the Mini Detail for under $70, which incidentally is the Best Value service from The Car Spa, and which can be completed in roughly 2 hours. This service even includes the Super Spa Valet Wash! Sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it?

While a simple car wash or basic cleaning can be done at home, getting your vehicle to a professional car wash and detail center such as The Car Spa Tinley Park for an occasional deep clean and internal/external detail will help prolong the life of your vehicle as well as improve its resale value in the long run. The Car Spa makes it affordable too with a bunch of coupons you can download from the website.

Stop taking risks with your vehicle’s look and feel. Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 and book an appointment today!

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