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What will you look for when you buy a car?

There are many things you would be taking into consideration when buying a new/used car, the price possibly being the most important criterion. Apart from that, what other factors would you consider while making the purchase decision?

Obviously fuel consumption is a very important factor while buying any vehicle. While the difference in the prices of petrol and diesel could be significant, the savings in buying diesel instead of petrol is usually offset by the amount spent on the cost and maintenance of the diesel engines.

Whichever engine your vehicle has, if you have The Car Spa Tinley Park as your car care partner, their Fuel System Cleaning service starting at only $49.95, and which comes with complete cleaning of the system including fuel injectors, fuel lines, and the air/fuel intake can definitely save you some money. A clean fuel system can improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage and maximize performance so you can get more bang for your buck. Be sure to check out for more information on this service.

Keeping up with the trends in current society is important when you buy a new vehicle, isn’t it? Whether it be the technological additions, or the cool strip of lights that will set your car apart, unique and fashionable features in cars are indeed attractive. There is always an option of upgrading with The Car Spa’s stylish wiper blades and vehicle lights if you are in the Tinley Park area, of course! Visit to see what we have to offer.

Self-driving cars with driverless technology are one of the hottest models in the industry right now. These cars combine radar sensors and machine learning software to steer the cars effortlessly. Electric vehicles even come with HUDs to make it easier for the driver to have eyes on the road at all times. Advanced electronic components have become a vital feature in the current models being sold, and your new car choices will surely have tonnes of them!

But what happens when you have to clean and disinfect your vehicle interiors? You need an efficient cleaning technology that would not harm your expensive electronics as well, right? Not to worry. The Car Spa Tinley Park offers the KleenSafe - disinfection and viral remediation service which is the perfect solution for you. Call 708-873-9810 to speak to our customer care representatives about this essential service for your vehicles, or you can take a look at for details.

Whatever vehicle you buy, regular cleaning of the interior and exterior is paramount to the usefulness and pleasure of owning and driving a vehicle, isn’t it? Make sure to try The Car Spa Tinley Park’s well known Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service, featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle and leather seat conditioning. The Complete Exterior Cleaning & Claywash is another popular service at The Car Spa, and the waxing and polishing can really protect your paint for a long long time.

If you are looking to save more on car wash and maintenance once you go ahead and buy your car, do stop by at The Car Spa Tinley Park’s vast and excellent facilities some time. Speaking of saving, be sure to call us at 708-873-9810, or check out to make the best use of all our offers!

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