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Why is Waxing your Car Important?

You would have heard the terms waxing, polishing, buffing, clay bar treatment, etc. often enough, and if you are one of those people who hasn’t quite understood what each of those services actually mean, and if you are asking yourself if your car really needs them, welcome to the club! Let me try to explain what I have understood.


Car wax is generally applied all over the vehicle, and is used to protect your car’s paint from harm caused by the weather, dust and such. Application of car wax can lend an extra shine to your vehicle leading to an instant face-lift which could even increase the sale price of your car (if you are planning to sell). The wax layer on your vehicle’s paint can effectively ward off water particles from the rain/snow, and could avert some of the damage caused by harsh UV rays.

Waxing is also effective in keeping dust and dirt from settling on your vehicle. This is important because you may inadvertently cause scratches on the paint while wiping down the exterior, which when combined with water molecules may actually cause structural damage to your vehicle itself! A spray wax is simple, and easy to get at The Car Spa Tinley Park for only $10, and can be bundled with any of their car washes you see here:


When you polish your car, what you are doing is removing the mild scratches and abrasions already there and imparting a smooth finish to the exterior. While waxing is recommended for the whole car exterior, polishing can be useful when the focus is on sprucing up particular spots on your vehicle that show paint damage.

The Car Spa Tinley Park offers the Wax & Polish service starting at only $40 and includes express wax, clay bar treatment and 3 phase buffing & polish. This too can be bundled with any of the excellent services provided by The Car Spa Tinley Park. If you live in the Tinley Park neighborhood, and are curious about the complete range of car wash, detailing, oil change and other automotive services, do visit for more information.

Clay Bar Treatment:

As the name indicates, this service involves the use of a soft and pliable clay bar that is used to remove grime, dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. on the surface of your vehicle. When the disc shaped clay is rubbed over the surface of the car after a good detailing lubricant is sprayed on it, removing the dirt particles would be a breeze.

A thorough clay bar treatment eradicates the dullness causing pollutants from your vehicle’s paint coating, making it smoother and shinier. It also paves the way for more effective waxing and polishing, rendering your car bright, gleaming, and well protected.

The Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash service at The Car Spa Tinley Park includes the removal of bugs, light tar & microbial particles, clay bar wax application wash, sealer wax application amongst other things. can give you more details on this specific service.

Whether your car is only a year old, or one which has stayed with you for many years, The Car Spa at Tinley Park can help you take care of it with its wide range of affordable automotive, and other car-care services Why don’t you call 708-873-9810 to make an appointment today?

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