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The Car Spa Tinley Park - your complete vehicle-care partner.

Our daughter Ruth is turning 21 in two weeks, and my husband and I had decided to buy her a new car for her birthday. My husband manages a car rental company and he is very knowledgeable about the performance of different brands, which meant that we only had to decide on the type of car we needed to buy.

“Mike”, I said looking up from my browser, “Did you know that there are at least 15 different types of cars/pick-up trucks/vans we can choose from?” My husband responded with, “I did, and did you know that The Car Spa Tinley Park can expertly take care of every one of them for us?” He showed me the accounts sheet he was working on and explained,“Partnering with The Car Spa Tinley Park for the washing, detailing and automotive maintenance needs of my fleet of rental vehicles has been the best decision I have made this year!”, he said.

“I have been able to save tons of money from their packaged deals, and the scheduled maintenance routines we are able to follow has made my job much easier! The oil-change service alone is pure gold, because not only do they use the reliable Valvoline brand engine oils, but they also do a complimentary maintenance check along with a free Express Spa Wash for each vehicle. The trained crew has caught more than one problem waiting to blow up in my face early on and has averted many customer complaints that would have ended badly for me”, he continued and sighed with relief.

“So, what should we get her?”I asked, trying to pull him back to the discussion at hand. “I know we need to identify our specific needs like space for luggage, the number of passengers, engine size, and fuel efficiency to begin with. I guess microcars are out, and even though Ruth will appreciate a roadster, we should maybe pick from a sedan or a hatchback?”, I asked. “Makes sense, but remember whatever model we pick, how she maintains the vehicle is what will keep her safe and the vehicle healthy,” he replied.

“Of course I will be her coach on car maintenance & introduce her to the excellent services at The Car Spa Tinley Park she can absolutely rely on! Some of her responsibilities would be to:

  • Check the fluid levels at least once every month - The transmission service with 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including Pre-Service Cleaner and transmission fluid conditioner starts at less than $100 at The Car Spa Tinley Park, and the differential service starts at only $49.95!

  • Wash and clean the car thoroughly once every 2 weeks at least - The Car Spa Tinley Park has great options for car wash and detail services which are well described here -

  • Wax and polish once in 3 months or so - The Car Spa has a simple spray wax as well as the Wax & Polish services at low prices.

  • Check and replace engine oil regularly - With scheduling from The Car Spa Tinley Park, this would be a breeze!

  • Check cabin air filters at regular intervals - For $19.95, The Car Spa includes installation as well!

  • Replace wiper blades every 6-12 months - There are 3 styles available at The Car Spa Tinley Park and they will install them immediately too.

Of course, the battery needs to be checked, the wheels realigned every 2 years and so on and so forth. Both you and I know that the car maintenance list is long, but all she needs to do would be to take a look at and call 708-873-9810 to get an appointment. I mean, what can be simpler than that?”, my husband said, and I absolutely agree with him on that!

If you’d like to know why both our business and family rely on The Car Spa Tinley Park to keep our automobiles in tip-top condition, visit today!

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