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Tired of fighting with stains and debris in your vehicle? The Car Spa is here to help!

You make a determined effort to clean your car. You turn and look proudly, and with a sense of accomplishment, at the beautiful leather interiors and the spotless mats and the shiny controls, and then LIFE happens! You take your family out for a drive and end up with soda on your console, sticky sweets on your door handles, muddy shoe prints on your seats, and paw prints if you are a pet owner, and a large quantity of fine cookie dust everywhere!

And that’s how life is supposed to be, isn’t it? Fun and laughter and messy situations, whether it is dropping your kids off at school, a long road trip with your friends, or an adventure drive on the muddy roads of a mountain, cleaning your car should not be something that holds you back from enjoying every minute of your life. That said, if you live in the Tinley Park area, Chicago, you have The Car Spa Tinley Park to take care of all your vehicle cleaning and maintenance needs right away!

Why don’t you take a look at to see what services this spacious Car Wash and Detail Centre can offer you. For example, the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, cleaning and conditioning of interior leather seats and surfaces, and cleaning and washing of all interior surfaces including the windows and chrome surfaces, is an excellent value at only $150 per car on any given day!

While you are at The Car Spa, relaxing in the comfortable lounge with wifi and coffee, or taking care of your work emails while you watch your car being cleaned by the well-trained valets, why don’t you check out the Car Wash services at too? The Express Spa Valet Wash costs only about $12 but can instantly spruce up the appearance of your vehicle.

If you have been postponing changing the oil in your vehicle, your visit to The Car Spa Tinley Park would be a good opportunity to complete that task then and there. Their Express Oil Change service gives you a choice of the trusted Valvoline Professional Series engine oils and comes with a free Express Spa Wash and a multi-point maintenance check.

Incidentally, The Car Spa Tinley Park offers a wide array of excellent automotive services for you. If there are small problems cropping up with the fuel system, A/C system, or even the wipers and cabin air filters, they can all be taken care of immediately while you wait. Comforting thought, considering that catching issues in your vehicle before they blow up in the middle of the road can literally save lives!

Speaking of saving lives, don’t forget to ask about the vehicle disinfection services at The Car Spa Tinley Park the next time you visit. Their KleenSafe program features a patented, food safe, non toxic disinfecting agent that can keep pathogens and harmful microbes away from your vehicles for an extended period of time.

Tired of picking out caramel popcorn crumbs and bubble gum leftovers from your car mats? What about the chocolate ice cream stains from your seats? You don’t have to tear your hair in frustration anymore. Just call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 and the premium valet service will take care of the entire cleaning for you! Take the coupons from with you and you can save more on the already affordable prices. Don’t wait!

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