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Vehicle Care Tips for the Summer

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your car over the next few months, so giving it a thorough cleaning and making sure it feels and smells fresh is essential, don’t you think? But with regular usage, your vehicle is bound to accumulate a lot of dust, odors, and even some germs. Which means, you need to schedule proper cleaning and maintenance to make the best use of your vehicle this summer, and identifying the right car-care partner becomes all the more important! How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

This will depend on a few factors. If you live in a particularly dusty area, you may need to wash your car more frequently than if you live a relatively clean and low-dust lifestyle. Washing your vehicle at the start of the season is highly recommended to get rid of accumulated winter messes, salt and grime. Of course, the more you travel, the more the number of washes! But with The Car Spa Tinley Park’s wide array of car wash options, you wouldn’t have to spend as much every time. While the Super Spa Valet Wash can get your car/SUV/truck/minivan thoroughly clean after a particularly rigorous trip, the Express Spa Valet Wash is perfect for keeping your car clean at regular short intervals.There is the premium “wash-by-hand” option too, for that extra special care for your beloved vehicle.

Car Wash and Detailing Options A thorough interior and exterior detailing of your car at the beginning of summer will ensure minimal cleaning requirement for your car later. The Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout features an enzyme blowout throughout the entire vehicle along with the washing and cleaning of all interior surfaces by hand. Take a look at for more information on why this service could get your vehicle interior spic and span in no time. The Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash includes clay bar wax application, power wash, cleaning of the wheel wells and even the dressing of the tires. But the service that will get your car bright and shiny ready for that summer rays glinting off of the sheen is the Complete Exterior Polish Buff and Wax and Wash. The clear coat brightener and protection provided in this service is sure to keep your vehicle looking like new. Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 for more details! Quick and Effective Mini Detail Service For all the times you have barely a couple of hours, but need a quick and efficient detailing service, the Mini Detail service from The Car Spa Tinley Park is the perfect choice for you. With compressed air blowout, customized interior cleaning and Super Spa Valet wash, you cannot go wrong with our best value service. Automotive Maintenance Checklist

Following proper engine maintenance activities is paramount to the performance of your vehicle during the summer. The Car Spa Tinley Park offers a plethora of automotive services which can be performed as you wait. Some of the most useful ones are:

  1. Transmission Service

  2. Fuel System Cleaning

  3. Oil System Cleaning

  4. Antifreeze/Coolant System Service

  5. Differential Service

  6. AC Recharge

In addition, you can get your vehicle’s oil change done expertly with the Valvoline Professional Series oil products in a jiffy at The Car Spa, even without a prior appointment. Make sure to use the absolutely free Express Spa Wash included, along with the multi-point maintenance check. To see what else you can get done to save time and money, visit today!

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