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What do you want from your Ideal Car Wash & Detail Center?

Easy access, and easy appointments - If you are in the Tinley Park area, you are in luck. The Car Spa Tinley Park is right there in your neighborhood and offers a wide range of car wash, interior and exterior detail, and automotive services at all times. The following automotive services are even available without an appointment:

  1. Transmission Service

  2. Fuel System Cleaning

  3. Oil System Cleaning

  4. Antifreeze/Coolant System Service

  5. Differential Service

  6. Wiper Blades - 3 different styles with immediate installation

  7. Lights - headlamps, fog lights, and exterior bulbs

  8. Cabin Air filter replacement

  9. A/C Recharge

Save time - The Car Spa Tinley Park functions under the “Flex Service Car Wash” concept, where all the quality services of a traditional full service car wash are offered along with the speed and services of an exterior only car wash. The Car Spa’s best value service is the Mini Detail which includes customized interior cleaning, Super Spa Valet Wash, and can be completed in under 2 hours!

With the efficient valets taking care of your vehicle at The Car Spa Tinley Park, you can run errands in the shopping malls that abound in the area, send your work emails from the comfortable wi-fi enabled lounge, or even relax with a cup of coffee while you watch your car being well taken care of!

Save Money - How would you like cost-effective services, plus additional coupons on already stellar prices? Take a look at and you’ll see for yourself!

For example, the Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout service featuring enzyme blowout throughout the vehicle, all interior surfaces hand-washed and cleaned and glass windows, mirrors and chrome surfaces carefully cleaned starts at only $150/car and comes with an additional $10 off coupon. The Mini Detail comes with a $10 off coupon too!

Complimentary Services - There are tonnes of complimentary services that The Car Spa Tinley Park offers to help you get the most out of your buck. The Express Oil Change service comes with an Express Spa Wash absolutely free. A free maintenance check of the following is also included in this quick and efficient oil change service performed with the trusted Valvoline Professional series engine oils:

  1. Antifreeze / Coolant

  2. Tire Pressure

  3. Battery

  4. Belts

  5. Exterior Lights

  6. Air / Cabin Filters

  7. Transmission Fluid

  8. Wiper Blades

  9. Power Steering Fluid

  10. Brake Fluid

Rewash Guarantee - Every one of the Premium Valet Car Wash services offered at The Car Spa Tinley Park

a. The Express Spa Valet Wash

b. The Full Spa Valet Wash

c. The Super Spa Valet Wash

comes with a weather protection/re-wash guarantee, especially suitable for the rainy and winter months.

Comprehensive All-in-One-Place Detail Services - The Car Spa Tinley Park has an array of complete interior and exterior detail services including:

a. Complete Interior Cleaning and Blowout

b. Complete Exterior Cleaning and Clay Wash featuring Clay Bar Wax Application Wash

c. Complete Exterior Polish, Buff, Wax and Wash, especially effective in removing oxidation and light swirl scratches.

Other essential offerings include:

  1. Wax & Polish services available everyday

  2. Spray Wax

  3. Tar Removal

  4. Odor Removal

  5. Ozone Treatment

  6. Carpet washing

  7. Special “wash-by-hand” services

What more could you possibly want? Call The Car Spa Tinley Park at 708-873-9810 today to make an appointment, or visit for more information.

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