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Why Car Spa at Tinley Park?

What do you want from a Car Wash? “A clean car of course, thoroughly cleaned both inside and out preferably”, would be your instant response, isn’t it? Followed by “Quick service and a good price discount, wouldn’t hurt”, right?

Car Spa at Tinley Park promises you those and more! Car Spa gives you the opportunity to experience the “Joy of a clean car” over and over again - the euphoria of ‘being on top of the world’ that envelops you when you set foot into a squeaky clean car smelling of pine cones or lavender. All that at such competitive prices that you would be sure to recommend Car Spa to your friends and relatives too. But what would you tell them?

You can probably start with the economical packages! There is the complete interior detail for less than $100 where you can get your car seats, carpets, mats, windows and tyres sparkling clean. They’d even clean the air hose for you. Or if you want to clean just the outside, there is the complete exterior only package. Light-duty clay bar particle removal and double-strength cleaner wax would really come in handy, don’t you think? A super spa car wash and a 72-hour rain rewash guarantee are what sets this package apart for such an affordable price!

The Mini-Detail service which includes cleaning of compressed air hose, mats, door panels and leather treatment along with 2 free Full Spa car washes, yes you heard that right, would be just the thing to try if you are hard pressed for time. Oh, and don’t miss the $10 off coupon for that extra delight! But if it’s been a while since you have had your car detailed, the complete interior and exterior detail could really help you get your car back to the “new just-out-of-the-showroom car” feel, and for barely $170.

The oil-change services at Car Spa are something to talk about too. Car Spa at Tinley Park offers 3 services with the Valvoline Professional series motor oil - the Thrive Conventional, High Mileage /Synthetic Blends and the Eco-Friendly Full Synthetic varieties at very reasonable prices to keep your engines safe. What’s more, they will throw in an express spa wash too with any oil change along with a free maintenance check. Be sure to check the website for regular promotions on the oil change services, and you won’t be disappointed!

There are a host of automotive services too offered at Car Spa, you know, so you can perform the transmission service or the fuel system cleaning while you are there. The friendly customer service personnel will be able to answer all your questions and the wi-fi enabled comfortable waiting lounge will be the perfect place to catch up on your phone calls/emails while your car is getting the treatment it deserves!

You don’t have to wait there of course.The location is convenient enough to visit on your way to work or the park and there are enough restaurants around if you’d like to grab a quick bite or finish a couple of errands in the busy neighborhood.

But while you are there, consider their KleenSafe disinfection and viral remediation services. With all the bacteria and viruses going around, this one simple and efficient disinfection service with a non-toxic and patented disinfection agent can keep you and your family safe from harmful pathogens.

You can call the Car Spa at 708-873-9810 to make an appointment now. If you would like to know what discounts and coupons are currently offered, do visit You can also read the appreciative reviews from the happy customers there and get more details on the other services offered. Come on, show your car some love!

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