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Why The Car Spa at Tinley Park should be your Maintenance Partner

Do you own a fleet of rental cars with your car lot situated in the Tinley Park area? With wet weather approaching, are you worried about washing and cleaning the multitude of cars throughout the week? With The Car Spa Car Wash and Detail Center right there in your very own neighborhood, that is one worry you can live without! Read on to see how partnering with The Car Spa would make excellent business sense in terms of efficiency and savings for you.

With The Car Spa as your partner, you can give every customer of yours the joy of a clean car, everytime - a car which is meticulously cleaned and smells of the best fragrances that are such a pleasure to the senses; a car which is not just washed and wiped, but thoroughly disinfected too. Call us at 708-873-9810 and ask about the KleenSafe cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection and viral remediation program and we can prove how economical it would be for your whole fleet!

You can, of course, start with different services for individual cars too. The complete interior detail service including the cleaning of your car seats, carpets, mats, windows and tyres comes at less than $100. And there is the complete exterior only package, which includes light-duty clay bar particle removal and double-strength cleaner wax to put the shine back on your car.

Or maybe you would like to try out the most popular of The Car Spa’s services - the Mini-Detail service? The compressed air hose, mats and the door panels of every one of your cars will be meticulously cleaned by our trained crews and you can get the leather treatment done too. If you are looking for the complete cleaning package, the complete interior and exterior detail will tick all the boxes! All you have to do is visit and call us for discounted packages for all your cars.

Cars handled by multiple people often face more problems than those driven by a single owner. That is why you need to talk to The Car Spa at Tinley Park and check out the wide array of automotive services we offer to take care of your car’s maintenance schedule efficiently.

Periodic replacement of the transmission fluid can keep your transmission system protected, starting at less than $100 per vehicle at The Car Spa. Visit to see the prices on the excellent Fuel System and Oil System cleaning services. While you are there, check out how you can extend your vehicle’s life by getting the coolant system service done effectively at The Car Spa.

Scheduling oil-change services for your entire fleet and keeping up the schedule takes a lot of your time, doesn’t it? With The Car Spa as your partner, you can leave the taking care of your engines to us! We offer 3 services with the Valvoline Professional series motor oil - the Thrive Conventional, High Mileage /Synthetic Blends and the Eco-Friendly Full Synthetic varieties at very reasonable prices to keep your engines safe and healthy.

Not just that, whether it is the wiper blades or the cabin filters or the lights that need replacing, The Car Spa is just around the corner. Oh, and the A/C recharge starts at less than $130 per vehicle. With the Car Spa at your side, maintaining multiple vehicles that are in continuous use will neve be a hassle anymore!

MV-SAP certificate

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your cars back to the “new just-out-of-the-showroom car” feel and transfer that euphoria of getting into a really clean car to each and every one of your customers? Call The Car Spa at Tinley Park now and discuss your needs so we can come back with customized affordable vehicle-care packages for your needs. Don’t forget to ask about our MV-SAP (Motor Vehicle Safety Accreditation Program) for your vehicles’ continued protection!

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